Custom made walking sticks and canes created  by well known Kentucky folk artist Randy Spencer. 

Let me create a wooden walking cane or walking stick for you to use and enjoy and enjoy for years.  

Maybe you know someone who would enjoy a custom made wood walking cane or a good sturdy walking stick?

 I create several types of walking sticks and canes for you to choose from, including vine twisted



Have a question, need something special, just let me know how I can help. 

Walking canes are 36" - 38" in height.Kentucky Walking Sticks

Walking sticks are 55" - 60" in height.


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Tobacco Walking Stick $35

Traditional Walking Stick $45

Roman Vitis Stick $55

Carved Snake Walking Stick $350

Carved Snake Photo Album

Curled Walking Sticks $80

Curled Walking Canes $55

Statesman (Brass) handle $35

Eagle (Brass) Head Handle $35

Regency (Brass) Cane Handle $35

Hame Brass Favorite Handle $35

Grizzly Bear Claws $25

Deer Antler Points $15

Shepherds Staffs $55Three Carved Snake Walking Sticks

Crook Neck Canes $40

Brass Ferrule Tip $15

Rubber Tip $6

Initials On Staff or Cane $10

Blank Sticks-Make Your Own Walking Stick

How to Carve a Snake on a Twisted Stick

Using Power Tools eBook

Family Photographs

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