Quality custom hand made walking sticks and canes created  by Kentucky folk artist Randy Spencer. 

Let me create a wooden walking cane or walking stick for you to use and enjoy and enjoy for years, rather

than some cheap walking stick or cane made in China.  

Maybe you know someone who would enjoy a custom made wood walking cane or a good sturdy walking stick?

 I create several types of walking sticks and canes for you to choose from, including vine twisted

walking sticks and canes.

If you have a walking stick or cane in need of repair or refinishing, contact me and maybe I can help.


Have a question, need something special, just let me know how I can help. 

Walking canes are 36" - 38" in height.Kentucky Walking Sticks

Walking sticks are 55" - 60" in height.


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Tobacco Walking Stick $35

Traditional Walking Stick $35

Roman Vitis Stick $55

Carved Snake Walking Stick $350

Carved Snake Photo Album

Curled Walking Sticks $80

Curled Walking Canes $55

Statesman (Brass) handle $35

Eagle (Brass) Head Handle $35

Regency (Brass) Cane Handle $35

Hame Brass Favorite Handle $35

Grizzly Bear Claws $25

Deer Antler Points $15

Shepherds Staffs $55Multicolor Carved Snake

Crook Neck Canes $40

Brass Ferrule Tip $15

Rubber Tip $6

Rubber/Steel Spike Tip $30

Initials On Staff or Cane $10

Blank Sticks-Make Your Own Walking Stick

How to Carve a Snake on a Twisted Stick

Using Power Tools eBook

Family Photographs

Kentucky Walking Stick Blog

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