Would you like to make your own walking stick or cane, but don't have access to  unfinished (blank) sticks.  Maybe, you are a leader of a scout troop and need sticks for the troop.   Please let me  help, I can supply you with unfinished (blank) sticks, as I have a large selection to choose from. 

The bark is still on the stick.  The limbs have been removed and the stick is cut to length, approximately 60". 

These sticks are ready for you to create your own walking cane. 

Have a question, need something special, I can help. Curled "blank" Sticks


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"blank" Curled Sticks 36" - 42" ($25)

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Don't have access to "blank" sticks of any kind? 

Would you like to make a Traditional Walking Stick rather than purchasing a finished


I can supply un-finished sticks for cub scouts, boy scouts, and church groups.

If you have a Boy Scout Troop that needs "blank" sticks, I can help. 

As you can see in the picture below, I have a good supply of cured traditional sticks.

I can ship "blank" sticks for your boy scout troop, the next day after receiving

your order.

Straight unfinished "blank" Sticks

I ship via US Priority Mail with a 2 or 3 day normal delivery.

I supply both the boy scouts and the cub scouts all over the United States.



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"blank" Traditional Straight Sticks 55" - 60" ($10)

Pay On Line With Credit Card 



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Tobacco Walking Stick $25

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Traditional Walking Stick $25

Roman Vitis Stick $55

Carved Snake Walking Stick $350

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Curled Walking Sticks $75

Curled Walking Canes $55

Statesman (Brass) Handle $35

Eagle (Brass) Head Handle $35

Regency (Brass) Cane Handle $35

Hame Brass Favorite Handle $35Cub Scout Emblem

Grizzly Bear Claws $25

Deer Antler Points $15

Shepherds Staffs $55

Crook Neck Canes $40

Brass Ferrule Tip $15

Rubber Tip $6

Rubber/Steel Spike Tip $30

Initials On Staff or Cane $10

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