Would you like to make your own walking stick or cane, but don't have access to  unfinished (blank)

sticks.  Maybe, you are a leader of a scout troop and need sticks for the troop.   Please let me  help.

I can supply you with unfinished (blank) sticks, as I have a large selection to choose from. 

The "blank" Curled or twisted sticks are approximately 36"- 42" in length. 

The bark is still on the stick.  The limbs have been sawed off.

These sticks are ready for you to create your own walking cane. 


Have a question, need something special, I can help. Curled "blank" Sticks


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"blank" Curled Sticks 36" - 42" ($25)

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Don't have access to "blank" sticks of any kind? 

Would you like to make a Traditional Walking Stick rather than purchasing a finished


I can supply un-finished sticks for cub scouts, boy scouts, and church groups.

If you have a Boy Scout Troop that needs "blank" sticks, I can help. 

As you can see in the picture below, I have a good supply of cured traditional sticks.

I can ship "blank" sticks for your boy scout troop, the next day after receiving

your order.

Straight unfinished "blank" Sticks

I ship via US Priority Mail with a 2 or 3 day normal delivery.

I supply both the boy scouts and the cub scouts all over the United States.



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"blank" Traditional Straight Sticks 55" - 60" ($10)

Pay On Line With Credit Card 



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Tobacco Walking Stick $40

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Traditional Walking Stick $55

Roman Vitis Stick $55

Carved Snake Walking Stick $350

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Curled Walking Sticks $80

Curled Walking Canes $55

Duck (Brass) Head handle $35

Eagle (Brass) Head handle $35

Regency (Brass) Cane Handle $35

Hame Brass Pear Handle $20

Hame Brass Favorite Handle $35Cub Scout Emblem

Grizzly Bear Claws $25

Deer Antler Points $15

Shepherds Staffs $55

Crook Neck Canes $40

Brass Ferrule Tip $15

Rubber Tip $6

Initials On Staff or Cane $10

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